Why Buy From Us?

You shouldn't have to worry about the price of your portable hot tub going down after you buy it. That's why we credit you the difference if ever happens after you order from us. If you find your same model advertised at a lower price, simply send us the link to the lower priced item within 6 months of your order and we will credit you back the difference. Simple as that.
We are so confident that you will be in love your portable hot tub that we are now offering a 110% money back happiness guarantee. Yep. We give you back a full refund plus 10% as a thank you for trying our product. We're that confident that your family will love your new hot tub at home. 
Why buy from big box e-stores when you can pay the same price (or better) and support small business at the same time? When you order from our site, you are helping locally-based business owners keep up with the major online retailers. Big box stores don't help communities, they hurt them. Walmart and Amazon alone have replaced countless local, independently owned stores – it's up to you, the customer, to keep the small business community thriving. 
Unlike big box e-stores, we specialize in portable hot tubs so our support staff is simply more knowledgable about the products. We can provide you with quick answers to your questions regarding purchasing your first portable hot tub and help you decide which model is right for you. Send us an email, call toll free, or chat with us today by hitting the button in the lower right. Our goal is to provide you with the most worry-free experience possible when buying your portable hot tub. Relax, that's what you came here to do.


"Our hot tub arrived on time and it really was as easy to set up as they say... now we use it all the time in our backyard.  I'm happy that the price was guaranteed so I don't have to worry about the price going down in the future. Thanks!" - Angela M., Dublin, CA


"I am so glad I took a chance on this website. It was because of the 10% off coupon so I was a little skeptical but I am over the moon excited that I purchased it! I LOVE it :) I've used it almost every day so far (a few weeks). The set up was easy with the video directions, the bubbles are marvelous, the filter seems to be working fine/keeping it clean." - Simon V., Charlotte, NC

"Love it. Wasn't sure about which one to get for having in our workout room so I emailed them and someone got back to me quickly with their recommendation. When I received it I didn't know how close it would feel to a traditional hot tub but once I got in it was great.thanks a lot guys." - Sandy P., Cherryville, NC




Most Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a portable hot tub?

- Good question. It's the same as a regular hot tub except it inflates, or sets up in modules, and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It can be installed on any flat surface. 

How hot does it get?

- Hot! Up to 104ºF.

Can I use an extension cord?

- Manufacturers don't recommend using extension cords, but if you must use one, make sure it is built for heavy-duty outdoor use.

Can I use it in my living room?

- Yes! Many customers have sent us messages about how thankful they are for being able to have a hot tub in their living room. As long as you don't mind a little water splashed when you get out, you can put it in any room in the house - even your bedroom!


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