My Inflatable Hot Tub Story

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When I was a kid I always loved going over to my cousin's house to use their hot tub at night. I loved the feeling of first jumping in, my body tingling with hotness (lol). But after college when I had my own place, I never thought of getting my own because I always thought they cost an arm and a leg. That was until I saw a picture of an outdoor movie theater on the internet with the audience sitting in a bunch inflatable hot tubs! I was so curious that I looked up inflatable hot tubs and sure enough, they were real – and you didn't have to spend thousands to get one. 


I chose to invest in one that suited my needs and I use it almost every day. Starting at around $500 and all the way up to $2,500, you can get an inflatable hot tub that ships to you conveniently.  You unpack it, inflate it with the pump, fill it, plug the cord into AC power, and it heats up just at hot as a regular hot tub! It's the most relaxing thing ever after a hard workout or just a long day. 


Since I was such a huge fan of inflatable hot tubs and there were no cool sites on the internet dedicated to selling them, I started my own! My goal was to have to always have the best selection of inflatable hot tubs out there at the best prices so everyone can realize that it is SO easy to have one at home! Best investment ever!


-Maya S. 


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